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If you want to talk to a professional in your town about your raccoon problem, click the below link for my hand-picked (over ten years) directory of wildlife control professionals, who I recommend. They will be able to discuss options and give you a price quote over the phone.

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Raccoon Trapping Tips of the Pros: There are various types of traps available on the market; some lethal and some non-lethal. It is always recommended to not use lethal traps or methods to get rid of animals. A live trap is one of the best traps to use to catch raccoons. The trick is knowing where to set the trap so that you can catch the raccoon while still protecting it and your home. If a trap is placed too close to electrical wiring, let’s say, then the raccoon can stick their paws through the trap and end up tearing up your electrical wires. If a trap is placed where the animal will be caught in a lot of sunlight for the day; the raccoon may end up dying from dehydration or heat stroke. Since raccoons will eat almost anything, there are a lot of different types of bait you can use to lure them into the trap. However; keep in mind that you may be luring other non-targeted animals (such as the family cat) as well so for raccoons, it is best to use baits such as marshmallows or bread. If you have a mother and her babies that you are trying to trap, you must first hand capture the babies before anything else. Once you have captured the babies, you can put them into the cage as ‘live bait’ for the mother.

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