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How to catch a raccoon: There are many methods people may try to catch a raccoon including raccoon repellents and traps. Repellents, if they even work, will most likely be only temporary and you will still have the raccoon problem. Traps are the best method; however, choosing the right traps and setting them up properly can be tricky to obtain the right results. To catch a raccoon you must first realize where they are living and building their nests; whether you have a stray raccoon or a mother and her babies. Raccoons like places where they can feel safe from predators and protect their young such as attics and even chimneys. If you have a mother raccoon, you must first hand capture the babies before attempting to trap the mother. You do not want to trap the mother without the babies and then have orphan raccoons starving to death in your attic. Once you have captured the babies (by hand), you can use them as bait for the mother by putting them into a cage. Mother raccoons are very protective of their young and will enter the cage to get to their babies even if they know or sense that it is a trap. Make sure that the location where you place the traps are safe and in an effective area. Check the traps often so that any raccoons you have trapped will not suffer from the sun, lack of food or anything else.

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